Enrollments for each class start 30 minutes before the class on the 1st day itself & stay open for the first 3 classes.

For level 1:

    Please carry a recent passport-sized photograph of yourself.
    Full payment should be made by cash only on the 1st day of class.

It would be nice if you brought your own dance partner to class, thus maintaining an equal ratio of ladies: gentlemen. However, this is not compulsory. Partners in class are always rotated so as to help you to get used to different styles of leading/following, which in turn helps when one dances socially.

The minimum age for a student is 8 years. There is no upper age-limit.
For Beginners
Having never danced before is not a deterrent when you join our studio. We teach the basics in the first level, taking care that every student in the class has understood the steps. So whether you are a professional dancer or just starting to dance, every instructor makes sure that you will be comfortable dancing and will be able to dance socially at the end of the first level course.

As everything is taught from scratch with the assumption that you are a novice on the dance floor, you needn't worry; you will be able to pick up the steps. We also have a system of repeating classes (please refer to the sections below entitled Batch Cycles & Higher Levels, Need more practice ? & Missed a class ?).
As mentioned above, in the Ballroom category there are 3 slow dances viz. Rumba, Waltz & Foxtrot; 1 medium paced-one viz. Cha Cha Cha & 2 fast ones viz. Jive & Samba.

In the Club Dance category, we teach Cuban Salsa & Merengue; both of which are on the faster side although Merengue is more medium-paced than Cuban Salsa.

As such, we always recommend that students who have never danced before join the ballroom dance class as the techniques and different speeds of the dances taught will enable you to pick up steps easily.

At the end of the Level 1 Course:
At the end of the Salsa or Ballroom Level 1 course, you will have learnt the following for the particular dances you will be taught:

    How to dance socially.
    Footwork including Weight Transfer & Technique necessary to execute steps well.
    How to dance with any partner i.e. to lead (for a man) and to follow (for a lady).
    How to identify beats and different genres of music; contrary to what some people believe, all dances have their own music.
      So dancing a Cha Cha to the Waltz or the Fox Trot to the Samba is a definite faux pas. Social dancing etiquette.

In short whether you are a professional dancer or just starting to dance, our courses are designed to give you the best of everything!

Need more practice?

"Practice makes perfect" and this holds true for dance too. There is always something new to learn, something that may have been overlooked or incorrectly assimilated in previous levels, some facet of the dance, be it technique, foot work or styling, that can/should be focused on more which is why Attend a concurrent class at another branch. Please carry the studio receipt given to you after enrolling for a batch when doing so.

Missed a class ?
If you miss a class, there are 2 options you may avail of:

    Come early or stay back after class to revise with your instructor or your fellow students. Please speak to your respective       instructor about the same.
    Attend a concurrent class at another branch. Please carry the studio receipt given to you after enrolling for a batch when doing       so.

Dress Code:
At our studio, we follow a semi-formal dress code which translates to:

  No jeans, track pants, shorts, sneakers/keds, floaters/chappals.
For Gentlemen:
  Formal pants, shirt/t-shirt. Formal closed leather shoes, preferably with a thin sole.
For Ladies:
  Skirts/dresses (knee-length or shorter), formal pants, Capri pants, tights, shirt/t-shirt/blouse. Shoes should completely enclose      the heel of your foot and have a low or high heel, as per your comfort.

We recommend that you purchase a pair of dance shoes that has a suede base which ensures smooth movement when you dance. You may purchase this at our studio itself.

Note :

Please carry a separate pair of shoes/dance shoes that should be worn only in the class so as to maintain the cleanliness of the class & prevent any damage to the floor.
Dress Code at St. Andrew's College (Bandra Branch):
As per the college rules, students are NOT ALLOWED to enter or leave the college premises wearing the following:
Sleeveless tops, short/mini skirts, shorts.
You may change into your dance attire for the class in the changing room located in or closest to the Ground Floor Girls' Common Room. And change back into your regular clothes once class is done, before leaving the college.